Nurturing Talent for a Sustainable Swine Industry 

The United States swine production, a vital component of our nation's agricultural legacy, contributing $1.2 billion to pork exports. As the industry undergoes a transformative period with a changing workforce, this project is poised to bridge the generational gap and showcase the current swine production and its myriad possibilities of professioanal career for undergraduate and high school students. 

What does Pork Prospect propose to do? 

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: The Swine Dicovery Day is meticulously designed to provide undergraduate students with a comprehensive understanding of swine production. Participants are going to interact with experts from several areas of the swine industry and gain practical skills, ensuring they are well-aware about the US swine production and the career possibilities within the industry.

  • Exclusive Advanced Training: Selected students get the unique opportunity to participate in Swine Bootcamp. This is a two-week advanced training experience, especially desinged for an immersing experience in a commercial swine farm environment alongside industry professionals. This hands-on experience sets them apart and gives a competitive edge in their future careers. Students selected for Swine Bootcamp will have expenses with lodging, transportation, and meals for the duration of the training plus an award of $500!

  • Early Exposure for High School Students: The integration of the Swine Discovery Day into a high school program offers younger students a head start in understanding the swine industry. By participating, you gain insights that can shape your academic and professional choices early on, creating a foundation for future success. 

Why should you participate? 

Participant students of Swine Discovery Day will receive great incentives according to their enrollment in the planned activities. Students who accomplish all the tasks will receive long-sleeve t-shirts, freebies, and, of course, a certificate to improve their CVs! - Registration is free!

Up to five students who partipated on Swine Discovery Day will be selected to participate on Swine Bootcamp and will receive a nice backpack, have all expenses covered during the advanced training (lodging, meals, transportation), plus a $500 award! - All of that along with a certificate. 

Collaborative Excellence for Sustainable Impact 

By joining forces with experts from The Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota,  participants become part of a nationwide movement. This collaboration ensures that the benefits of this initiative extend far beyond individual experiences, creating a lasting impact on the industry's sustainability. This project is funded by National Pork Board and supported by swine producers’ associations. Participating students will be seen as a select cohort for future job opportunities in the swine industry. 

Measuring Success and Industry Leadership 

Success isn't just a one-time event but a journey. Participation in this program allows students to be part of shaping the future of the swine industry. As they contribute to the industry's growth, they also position themselves as future leaders and professionals with a deep understanding of swine production. 

How much do I need to invest to participate?
Registration for Swine Discovery Day is free! CLICK HERE to register.
Participation on Swine Bootcamp is not only free, but comes along with a $500 award and expenses covered! If you attend Swine Discovery Day you will have a chance to get 1 out of the 5 spots! - Stay tuned for more information!