Economics/Financial Planning

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Dr. Don Breece, District Specialist, Southwest District Extension
Dr. Warren Lee, Professor, Ohio State University
Jeff McCutcheon, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Knox County
Dr. Matthew Roberts, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
Dr. Brian Roe, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Other National Experts
Dr. Tom Baas, Iowa State University
Swine breeding, management, extension
Dr. Michael Boehlje, Purdue University
Finance, buisness management
Dr. Brian Buhr, University of Minnesota
Marketing, farm management
Dr. Michael Brumm, University of Nebraska
Management and Swine Records
Dr. Christopher Chase, South Dakota State University
Immunology, swine production, management
Dr. Robert Cropp, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Ernest Davis, Texas A&M University
Dr. Kevin Dhuyvetter, Kansas State University
Pricing SEW pigs, swine budgets, production economincs, marketing
Dr. Steve Dritz, Kansas State University
Nutrition, health, nutrition economics
Dr. William Edwards, Iowa State University
Dr. Michael Ellis, University of Illinois
Swine breeding and management
Dr. Charlie Forrest, Mississippi State University
Dr. Ken Foster, Purdue University
Production economics, price analysis
Dr. Allen Harper, Virginia Tech
Statewide extension work and research in production management and nutrition
Dr. Phillip Harris, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Paul Harrison, University of Illinois
Environmental physiology and management
Dr. Howard Hesby, Texas A&M University
Production, management
Dr. Gilbert Hollis, University of Illinois
Dr. Mark Honeyman, Iowa State University
Swine production, management
Dr. Chris Hurt, Purdue University
Production economics, marketing
Dr. Rodney Jones, Kansas State University
Production economics
Dr. Marshall Jurgens, Iowa State University
Swine nutrition, management
Dr. John Lawrence, Iowa State University
Dr. Bill Lazarus, University of Minnesota
Dr. Vernon Leibbrant, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Monte McCaw, North Carolina State University
PRRS, pseudorabies, management, schemes for control of disease in production systems
Dr. John McKissick, University of Georgia
Extension economist-livestock
Dr. Steve Meyer, Director of Economics, National Pork Board
Dr. Jim Mintert, Kansas State University
Dr. Robert Morrison, University of Minnesota
Health maintenance and financial analysis
Dr. Lee Myers, University of Kentucky
Dr. Jim Nelssen, Kansas State University
Meat science, pork quality
Dr. Jan Novakofski, University of Illinois
Swine growth, composition
Dr. Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University
Dr. Chris Skaggs, Texas A&M University
Production, management
Dr. Gerald Schwab, Michigan State University
Farm financial management (records, analysis, and planning)
Dr. David Seibert, University of Illinois
Fram business management
Dr. Tim Stahly, Iowa State University
Swine nutrition, growth, management
Dr. Robert Taylor, Purdue University
Business organization, employee relations
Dr. Bob Thaler, South Dakota State University
Swine nutrition, management
Dr. Clem Ward, Oklahoma State University
Market structure and price discovery
Dr. Joseph Williams, Oklahoma State University
Dr. Ralph Williams, Purdue University
Insect and rodent control
Dr. Cindy Wood, Virginia Tech
Swine breeding and genetics, management, and undergraduate swine teaching
Dr. Kelly Zering, North Carolina State University
Economics and management
Dr. Dean Zimmerman, Iowa State University
Swine nutrition, growth, management