Environment/Environmental Assurance

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Glen Arnold, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Putnam County
Roger Bender, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Shelby County
Mike Bayes, Swine Center, Ohio State University
Stephen Foster, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Darke County
Dr. Steve Moeller, State Swine Extension Specialist
Dale Ricker, Swine Extension Associate, Ohio State University

Dr. Lingying Zhao OSU Dept. of Food, Ag and Biological Engineering

Other National Experts
Dr. Albert Heber, Purdue University
Livestock odor, air quality, aerial pollutant emissions, building ventilation
Dr. Raymond Huhnke, Oklahoma State University
Structures and environment
Dr. Larry Jacobson, University of Minnesota
Swine housing, indoor air quality, odors
Dr. Ken Kephart, Penn State University
Dr. Rick Koelsch, University of Nebraska
Dr. Richard Nicholai, University of Minnesota
Odor measurement and control
Dr. Michael Schmitt, University of Minnesota
Manure application
Carrie Tengman, Environmental Services, National Pork Board