Food Safety/HACCP

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Dr. Lynn Knipe, Assistant Professor, Meat Science
Dr. Herbert Ockerman, Professor, Meat Science
Dr. Henry Zerby, Professor, Meat Science

Other National Experts
Dr. Gary Acuff, Texas A&M Univeristy
Microbiological quality and safety of foods of animal origin
Dr. Tom Blaha, University of Minnesota
Pre-harvest food safety, salmonella control, information systems for herd health and public health aspects in pork production
Dr. Dennis Buege, University of Wisconsin
Meats, meat products and safety
Dr. Dennis Burson, University of Nebraska
Dr. James Chambers, Purdue University
Dr. Richard Isaacson, University of Illinois
Salmonella, antibiotic resistance
Dr. Richard Linton, Purdue University
Dr. Thomas McCaskey, Auburn University
Microbiology, swine waste, constructed wetlands, composting
Dr. Gavin Meerdink, University of Illinois
Toxicology, diagnostic medicine

Dr. Brian Sheldon, North Carolina State University