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Mike Amstutz, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Technical Institute
Mike Bayes, Swine Center, Ohio State University
Dan Frobose, Extension Beef Marketing Agent, Ag Business Enhancement Center
Dr. Keith Irvin, Ohio State University (website)
Dr. Steve Moeller, State Swine Extension Specialist
Tony Nye, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Clinton County

Other National Experts
Dr. Tom Althen, Mississippi State University
Meat Science, growth physiology
Dr. Tom Baas, Iowa State University
Swine breeding, management, extension
Dr. Ronald Bates, Michigan State University
Breeding and genetics management
Dr. Ronnie Edwards, Texas A&M University
Dr. Michael Ellis, Univerity of Illinois
Swine breeding and management
Dr. Brian Kirkpatrick, University of Wisconsin
Application of biotechnology to swine genetics and growth
Dr. Daryl Kuhlers, Auburn University
Quantitative genetics, selection, cross-breeding systems, real time ultrasounds
Dr. John Mabry, University of Georgia
Dr. James Mickelson, University of Minnesota
Muscle biochemistry, molecular diagnostics
Dr. Don Mulvaney, Auburn University
Growth physiology
Dr. Richard Nicholai, University of Minnesota
Odor measurement and control
Dr. O.W. Robison, North Carolina State University
National Genetics Evaluation Program
Dr. Max Rothschild, Iowa State University
Dr. Tim Safranski, University of Missouri
Reproductive management of swine; emphaiss on gilt development, artificial insemination and the early-weaned sow
Dr. Alan Schinckel, Purdue University
Lean growth, genetic evaluations, STAGES
Dr. Lawrence Schook, University of Minnesota
Dr. Todd See, North Carolina State University
Breeding, EPD's, mating systems, internet
Dr. Philip Spike, Iowa State University
Animal Breeding
Dr. Terry Stewart, Purdue University
STAGES, modeling
Dr. Chris Tuggle, Iowa State University
Molecular biology, gene transfer
Dr. Roger Walker, University of Minnesota
Swine breeding
Dr. Cindy Wood, Virginia Tech
Swine breeding, management, and undergraduate swine teaching