Meat Science

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Dr. Lynn Knipe, Assistant Professor, Meat Science
Dr. Steve Moeller, State Swine Extension Specialist
Dr. Herbert Ockerman, Professor, Meat Science
Dr. Henry Zerby, Professor, Meat Science

Other National Experts
Dr. Tom Althen, Mississippi State University
Growth physiology
Dr. Tom Blaha, University of Minnesota
Pre-harvest food safety, salmonella control, information systems for herd health and public health aspects in pork production
Dr. Alden Booren, Michigan State University
Processed and/or precooked meat
Dr. Dennis Buege, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Dennis Burson, University of Nebraska
Dr. Tom Carr, University of Illinois
Pork composition, evaluation
Dr. Matthew Doumit, Michigan State University
Muscle biology
Dr. John Forrest, Purdue University
Meat quality, carcass evaluation
Dr. Dave Gerrard, Purdue University
Muscle biology, meat quality
Dr. Daniel Hale, Texas A&M University
Dr. William Jones, Auburn University
Processing, evaluations
Dr. Jimmy Keeton, Texas A&M University

Dr. Donald Kropf, Kansas State University
Irradiation, packaging, case-ready product, processing
Dr. Duane Larick, North Carolina State University
Meat Quality
Dr. Floyd McKeith, University of Illinois
Pork composition, evaluation
Dr. Rhonda Miller, Texas A&M University

Dr. Brad Morgan, Oklahoma State University
Pork Quality

Dr. Wesley Osburn, Texas A&M University
Carcass evaluation, value-added pork products
Dr. Frederick Parrish, Iowa State University
Dr. Fred Ray, Oklahoma State University
Carcass evaluation, pork quality
Dr. Bob Rogers, Mississippi State University
Pork quality
Dr. David Schafer, Kansas State University
Dr. Jospeh Sebranek, Iowa State University
Dr. Gale Strasburg, Michigan State University
Post-mortem muscle biochemistry, malignant hyperthermia, PSE meat