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Florian Chirra, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Williams County
Dr. Donald Mahan, Ohio State University
Tony Nye, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Clinton County
Ted Wiseman, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Perry County

Other National Experts
Dr. Layi Adeola, Purdue University
Amino acid metabolism
Dr. Michael Azain, University of Georgia
Dr. Sam Baidoo, University of Minnesota
Dr. David Baker, University of Illinois
Amino acids
Dr. N.J Benevenga, University of Wisconsin
Amino acid nutrition, newborn piglets nutrition
Dr. Leonard Bull, North Carolina State University
Waste management
Dr. Lee Chiba, Auburn University
Amino Acid Nutrition
Dr. Tip Cline, Purdue University
Pork Industry Handbook
Dr. Tom Crenshaw, University of Wisconsin
Weanling pig growth and development, breeding herd mineral nutrition
Dr. Mark Crenshaw, Mississippi State University
Production management
Dr. David Crouse, North Carolina State University
Nutrient management
Dr. Robert Dove, University of Georgia
Dr. Steve Dritz, Kansas State University
Health, nutrition economics
Dr. Robert Easter, Universtiy of Illinois
Dr. Dale Forsyth, Purdue University
Computer application
Dr. Lowell Frobish, Auburn University
Energy nutrition of sows and young pigs
Dr. Robert Goodband, Kansas State University
Dr. Allen Harper, Virginia Tech
Statewide extension work and research in production management and nutrition
Dr. Jerry Hawton, University of Minnesota
Management, live animal evaluation
Dr. Gretchen Hill, Michigan State University
Trace elements, vitamin E, antioxidants and oxidative stress
Dr. Palmer Holden, Iowa State University
Dr. Gilbert Hollis, University of Illinois
Dr. Keith Johnson, Purdue University
Dr. Lee Johnston, University of Minnesota
Dr. Richard Jones, University of Georgia
Dr. Marshall Jurgens, Iowa State University
Dr. Darrell Knabe, Texas A&M University
Dr. Rick Koelsch, University of Nebraska
Dr. Vernon Leibbrant, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Dirk Maier, Purdue University
Grain quality and feed manufacturing
Dr. Scott Mills, Purdue University
Growth and development
Dr. Morgan Morrow, North Carolina State University
Dead pig disposal, biosecurity
Dr. Don Mulvaney, Auburn University
Growth physiology
Dr. Acie Murry, Jr, University of Georgia
Dr. Jim Nelssen, Kansas State University
Meat science, pork quality
Dr. Jack Odle, North Carolina State University
Dr. W.F. "Frank" Owsley, Auburn University
Production systems
Dr. Howard Person, Michigan State University
Environmental control and manure management
Dr. Kenneth Prusa, Iowa State University
Pork quality
Dr. Duane Reese, University of Nebraska
Dr. Brian Richert, Purdue University
Dr. Dale Rozeboom, Michigan State University
Reproduction and production management
Dr. Gerald Shurson, University of Minnesota
Dr. Tim Stahly, Iowa State University
Growth, management
Dr. Bob Thaler, South Dakota State University
Swine nutrition, management
Dr. Mike Tokach, Kansas State University
Dr. Nathalie Trottier, Michigan State University
Dr. Mike Williams, North Carolina State University
Odor and waste management
Dr. Dean Zimmerman, Iowa State University
Growth, management