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Dr. Mike Amstutz, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Technical Institute
Mike Bayes, Swine Center, Ohio State University
Keith Irvin, Professor, Ohio State University
Dr. Steve Moeller, State Swine Extension Specialist
Tony Nye, Ag & Natural Resources Agent, Clinton County
Dr. William Pope, Ohio State University

Dale Ricker, Swine Extension Associate

Other National Experts
Dr. Tom Althen, Mississippi State University
Meat Science, growth physiology
Dr. Gary Althouse, University of Pennsylvania
Assisted reproductive technologies, boar reproduction, boar stud design and management, cloning, reproductive diseases, transgenesis
Dr. Glen Almond, North Carolina State University
Understanding the control of corpus luteum (CL) function in the pig
Dr. Janice Bahr, University of Illinois
Intrigued whether the female gamete participates in the proliferation and differentiation of the ovarian follicle
Dr. Frank Bartol, Auburn University
Reproductive development, uterine development and function
Dr. Fuller Bazer, Texas A&M University
Reproductive biology with emphasis on uterine biology and pregnancy
Dr. Ronald Christenson, USDA, ARS, MARC
Artificial insemination estrus, Uterine Physiology, Puberty, Litter Size
Dr. Karen Chou, Michigan State University
Chemical toxicology, environmental contamination, and mammalian reproduction
Dr. Mark Diekman, Purdue University
Reproductive efficiency
Dr. William Flowers, North Carolina State University
Artificial insemination, boar fertility
Dr. Joe Ford, USDA, ARS, MARC
Puberty and sexual development
Dr. George Foxcroft, University of Alberta
Gilt management, lactating and weaned sow management, fertility evaluation of boars, in vitro reproductive technologies, use of hormones in assisted reproduction programs
Dr. Rodney Geisert, Oklahoma State University
Environmental physiology, artificial insemination, pregnancy
Dr. Mark Honeyman, Iowa State University
Alternative swine production systems; alternative swine feeds; sustainable agriculture; teaching methods; and swine management
Dr. Jim Knight, Virginia Tech
Reproduction, transgenic pigs
Dr. Robert Knox, University of Illinois
Ultrasound, pregnancy, estrus and ovulation, AI timing and procedures, semen evaluation, farrowing induction, and puberty induction
Dr. Roy Kirkwood, Michigan State University
Breeding herd management, breeding management, control of reproduction, artificial insemination, seasonal infertility
Dr. Michael Langemeier, Kansas State University
Examination of the efficiency and productivity of farms and ranches; examination of tradeoff between risk adjusted returns and environmental quality indices
Dr. Don Levis

Dr. Don Mulvaney, Auburn University
Growth physiology
Dr. John Parrish, University of Wisconsin
Semen collection, processing, male fertility, embryo development
Dr. George Rampacek, University of Georgia
Study of endocrinological and physiological factors responsible for the development and function of corpora lutea
Dr. Dale Rozeboom, University of Michigan
Research directed towards nutrition and management problems that are important to the swine industry.
Dr. Tim Safranski, University of Missouri
Genetics and reproductive management of swine; emphaiss on gilt development, artificial insemination and the early-weaned sow
Dr. Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University
Artificial insemination
Dr. Wayne Singleton, Purdue University
Reproductive management, artificial insemination
Dr. Jodi Sterle, Texas A&M
Puberty, fetal and placental growth and development
Dr. R.D. von Bernuth, Michigan State University
Waste management
Dr. Robert Wettemann, Oklahoma State University
Dr. Matthew Wheeler, University of Illinois
Reproductive physiology