Swine Health/Veterinary Medicine

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Mike Amstutz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Agricultural Technical Institute
Ronald Anders, DVM, Mercer County
Ron Baldridge, DVM, Putnam County
Tim Barman, DVM, Mercer County
David Benfield, PhD, Ohio Agricultural Research Development Center
PRRS, TGEV, Rotavirus

Gary Bowman, DVM, Ohio State University Swine Veterinarian
Rebecca Cawrse, DVM, Mercer County
Robert Gano, DVM, Clinton County
Lynn Maurer, DVM, Shelby County
Michelle "Mitch" Michalak, DVM, Mercer County
William Minton, DVM, Mercer County
Michael Mull, DVM, Huron County
Todd Price, DVM, Wyandot County

AAVMC Address Listing
(American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges)

Other National Experts
Dr. Glen Almond, North Carolina State University
Reproductive physiology
Dr. Sandy Amass, Purdue University
Production Medicine
Dr. Lennart Backstrom, University of Wisconsin
Welfare, respiratory disease
Dr. Val Beasley, University of Illinois
Toxicology, diagnostic medicine
Dr. Tom Blaha, University of Minnesota
Pre-harvest food safety, salmonella control, information systems for herd health and public health aspects in pork production
Dr. Frank Blecha, Kansas State University
Dr. David Brown, University of Minnesota
Mucosal host defense, neurogastroenterology, pharmacology
Dr. Hanna Carey, University of Wisconsin
Basic gut physiological process and factors influencing ion transport processes related to diarrhea in early-weaned piglets
Dr. Christopher Chase, South Dakota State University
Immunology, swine production, management
Dr. M.M. Chengappa, Kansas State University
Strep, suis, pasteunella
Dr. Jane Christopher-Hennings, South Dakota State University
Dr. L. Kirk Clark, Purdue University
Production medicine, SEW
Dr. James Collins, University of Minnesota
Diagnostic pathology, infectious disease
Dr. Brad Fenwick, Kansas State University
Swine respiratory disease
Dr. Lawrence Firkins, University of Illinois
Dr. Rex Gaskins, University of Illinois
Mucosal immunology
Dr. Edwin Hahn, III, University of Illinois
Virology, immunology
Dr. Michael Hill, Purdue University
Swine bone and joint diseases
Dr. Richard Isaacson, University of Illinois
Salmonella, E. coli
Dr. Rodney Johnson, University of Illinois
Neurobiology, immunology and behavior
Dr. HanSoo Joo, University of Minnesota
Swine Viral Diseases
Dr. Charles Kanitz, Purdue University
Swine virology
Dr. Carol Lichtensteiger, University of Illinois
Diangostic pathology

Dr. Tsang Long Lin, Purdue University
Swine Pathology
Dr. Gavin Meerdink, University of Illinois
Toxicology, diagnostic medicine
Dr. Dale Miskimins, South Dakota State University
Dr. Robert Morrison, University of Minnesota
Health maintenance and financial analysis
Dr. Morgan Morrow, North Carolina State University
Dead pig disposal, biosecurity
Dr. Jerome Nietfeld, Kansas State University
Pathology, enteric diseases
Dr. Carlos Pijoan, University of Minnesota
Swine diseases
Dr. David Reeves, University of Georgia
Swine veterinarian
Dr. Gail Scherba, University of Illinois
Veterinary virology
Dr. Clifford Shipley, University of Illinois
Production medicine, theriogenology
Dr. Lawrence Schook, University of Minnesota
Genetics, Immunology
Dr. Greg Stevenson, Purdue University
Disease diagnostics, infectious diseases
Dr. Deoki Tripathy, University of Illinois
Veterinary microbiology
Dr. John Turek, Purdue University
Dr. Victor Valli, University of Illinois
Dr. William Van Alstine, Purdue University
Swine pathology
Dr. Ronald Weigel, University of Illinois
Epidemiology of pseudorabies, toxoplasmosis
Dr. Fredrico Zuckermann, University of Illinois
Swine immunology, virology