Animal Welfare

Addressing Consumer Concerns: Animal Welfare & the Swine Industry, Dr. E. Pajor, Purdue University

Animal Welfare    USDA APHIS
Provides leadership in establishing acceptable standards of humane animal care and treatment and to monitor and achieve compliance with the Animal Welfare Act through inspections, education, and cooperative efforts.

Animal Well-Being, National Pork Board

Animal Handling & Management Site - T. Grandin, Colorado State University

Animal Welfare Act and Regulations
USDA Animal Welfare Information Center website discusses the regulations that deal with farm animal welfare

Animal Welfare Information Center, USDA National Ag Library
Provides information for improved animal care and use in research, teaching, and testing.

Canadian Quality Assurance Program

Euthanasia Guidelines
Defined as a humane death occurring without pain or distress. American Association of Swine Veterinarians and NPB.

Farm Animal Welfare: The Power Struggle,
Identifies 9 key players in the struggle: What do they want? and How will they get it? Looks at goals, strengths, possible weaknesses, opportunities, and dangers faced by each of the players.

New Federal Regulations for AFOs and CAFOs - What It Means for Pork Producers, Dr. Richard Coffey, University of Kentucky, Professional Pork Producers Symposium, February 6, 2003, Dayton, OH

Pig Health & Management Issues Discussion Forum
Discussion area for pig health and management issues with access to The PigSite Problem Solver

Pig Site
Global hub on pigs, hogs and swine.

Quality Assurance: Future Trends in Animal Health Certification and Auditing
A publication discussing the present and future importance of Quality Assurance on the farm, L. Miller, DVM, USDA APHIS

Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals
Nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of different species of farm animals, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Stressful Handling of Pigs, Harold Gonyou, Prairie Swine Centre

2003 Swine Care Handbook, National Pork Board (PDF format)
Taking proper care of one’s animals has always been understood as an ethical responsibility, as well as a necessary business practice for pork producers

Swine Welfare Fact Sheets, National Pork Board
SWAP / Animal Welfare Position Statement / Neonatal Management Practices