An Overview of Swine Biosecurity
An overview including disease vectors, aspects of disease control, and key elements to a disinfection program. Antec International

Biosecurity publications from the past nine years from the North Carolina Healthy Hogs Seminar

Links to many websites and publications dealing with biosecurity and agrisecurity, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Biosecurity Guide for Pork Producers
An NPB and AASV brochure that discusses the importance of biosecurity and ways that farmers can evaluate their farms to see what level of biosecurity protection they have.

Biosecurity Protocols for Farm Visitors, University of Minnesota

Biosecurity, Ontario Pork

Biosecurity Tips for Exhibiting Swine
Tips for you and your swine to keep your exhibiting swine healthy as well as your herd. (California Farm Bureau Federation Swine Advisory Committee in cooperation with the University of California Veterinary Medicine Extension)

Gempler's, Inc.
Supplying people who are working primarily in agriculture, horticulture, construction, and grounds maintenance with the tools they need to aid in maintaining on-farm biosecurity.

National Biosecurity Center for Animal Health Emergencies
A data haven to enable government, commodity groups, veterinarians, and producers to meet the challenges of animal health emergencies. (Purdue Veterinary Medicine)

On-farm Pork Safety Fact Sheets, National Pork Board

Pig Biosecurity Programme
Techniques and procedures for two different biosecurity programs: Terminal and Continuous, Antec International

Safe Pork
Suggestions on salmonella control measures for on the farm, Illinois Council for Food & Ag Research

Swine Biosecurity
A publication discussing different techniques to control biosecurity on the farm, California Department of Food & Agriculture

Transport Biosecurity: Are Your Vehicles Transmitting Disease?,
A publication that discusses the importance of controlling biosecurity through modes of transportationJake Waddilove MA, VetMB, MRCVS, England

Information on Foot & Mouth Disease

USDA APHIS information site
Russell Kightley Media illlustration of life cycle
National Pork Board (search for FMD)