Economics/Financial Planning

2002 Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Outlook Guide
Ag Decision Maker, Iowa State University
Information and analysis to help farmers and agribusinesses find solutions to many of the business, economic, and financial decisions facing them
Ag Outlook & Policy Program, OSU Department of AEDE
Agriculture Alternatives Swine Production, Penn State University
Are We Serious about Pork Production? Lee Whittington, Prairie Swine Centre, Professional Pork Producers Symposium, February 6, 2003, Dayton, OH
CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)

Center for Farm Financial Management
Farm management education & software; from the Makers of FINPAC, includes FINBIN, a farm financial database

CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

Equity Financial Resources-Project Management
Equity Livestock Resources, a group of experienced professionals, work one-on-one to address your long and short-term goals with the best financial, production and business management resources in the livestock industry

e-News, Social Security Electronic Newsletters
Estate Planning Considerations for Ohio Families, Retirement Planning, Transferring Your Farm Business to the Next Generation, Farm Management Update - Retirement Planning, Financial News You Can Use, All About Money Fact Sheets, Ohioline

Farm Custom Rates Paid in Ohio, Dr. Robert Moore, OSU Department of AEDE
2002 Rates: HTML / ADOBE / WORD


Farm Foundation: Role of Agricultural Institutions, Rural Community Viability
Goal is to provide a clearinghouse for balanced and reliable information on the critical issues facing agriculture and rural America; includes publications, project summaries, publications, upcoming events, guidelines for program funding, conference announcements

Farm Program Payment Calculator, C. Zulauf, B. Goodwin, C. Norden New October 29, 2002
Preparation Form for Using Calculator, Word Document New Sept. 3, 2002
An Excel spreadsheet developed at Louisiana State and modified for Ohio by OSU agricultural economists.

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Feed Management Considerations, B. Richert & T. Cline, Purdue
Feed Outlook, USDA Economic Research Service
Examines supply, use, prices, and trade for feed grains, including supply and demand prospects in major importing and exporting countries. Focuses on corn; also contains information on surghum, barley, oats, and hay.
FINPAK Farm Financial Database, University of Minnesota

Grain Marketing Outlook, OSU Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics
Grain Marketing Report,

Hog Sector: Economic Outlook & Issues: Wisconsin Pork Producers, Brian Roe, OSU Department of AEDE
Iowa Farm Outlook Newsletter
Income Enhancement Strategies for Producers, K. Foster & M. Boehlje, Purdue

Jim Hilker's Probabilistic Price Forecast for Lean Hogs, U of Michigan
Jim Kendrick's Suggested Links for Grain Marketing , U of Nebraska

Kansas Ag Update
KCBT (Kansas City Board of Trade)
Livestock Marketing Information Center
Cooperative effort between university extension specialists, USDA economists, industry, and Center staff to provide economic analysis and projections about issues and conditions concerning the livestock industry, since 1955.

Livestock Outlook Page ~ Brian Roe, OSU Department of AEDE

Managing in Times of Financial Stress, K. Foster & M. Boehlje, Purdue
Market Information, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Market Outlook & Probabilistic Price Forecasts Livestock & Grain, Michigan State

Marketing Considerations for Today's Pork Producer, Iowa State University
March 14, 2002 Meeting Handouts, J. Lawrence

Minneapolis Grain Exchange

New Insurance Options for Iowa Pork Producers, Iowa State University
June 19, 2002 Meeting Handouts, W. Edwards, E. Kordick, S. White, J. Lawrence

Ohio Agricultural Statistics Services
Ohio Enterprise Budgets, Robert Moore, OSU 1999 / 2002
Ohio Farm Custom Rates

Ohio Farm Rental Fact Sheet Series

Pigs in Space: Modeling the Spatial Structure of Interior US Hog Production from 1992-97, Brian Roe, OSU
Pork Contracting Considerations, K. Foster, Purdue

PRIMER, T. Woods & S. Isaacs, University of Kentucky Extension
Discussion of the PRIMER (Profitability, Resource, Information, Marketing, Enthusiasm, and Risk) method of evaluating new enterprises; worksheets included

Producer Attitudes About Contracting & New Generation Cooperatives: Market Hogs in Ohio, IN, & MI, Brian Roe, OSU
Records and Economics, Illini Porknet

Slaughter Hog Monthly Price Patterns - Comparison Last 20 years
STAT-USA -Site Economic, Trade, Business Information

Small Farms
The USDA's website dealing with information for the small farmer and the activities that involve small farms

Surviving the Hog Market Price Crunch, Iowa State University
October 2, 2002 Meeting Handouts, J. Lawrence, D. Russell


Swine Budgets, Virginia Tech

Swine Consulting Services
An Iowa Cooperative Elevator Association's consulting services and steps they took to organizing a new feed market

Swine Financing
Land O' Lakes Finance Company assists pork producers of all types by providing innovative financing products with competitive terms and interest rates

Tokyo Grain Exchange
U.S. Farm Report

USDA Census of Agriculture
Economic analysis, bulletins, and data for all agricultural sectors
USDA Hogs and Pigs Reports
USDA Livestock Marketing Information Center Current situation & analysis
USDA AMS Livestock Market News Reports Listing by city
USDA Livestock Markets Regional reports

USDA Prices
An annual summary of prices paid and received by farmers, state, region, and national scope
USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service
USDA Scheduled Agency Reports & Summaries, August 2002

USDA Small Farms Progress Report
The USDA's action plan to deal with the different areas of farming that are constantly changing