Environment/Environmental Assurance

2002 Crop, Forage and Livestock Drought Information
Drought brings on a whole set of management decisions that farmers and ag industry face infrequently. OSU Extension resources to help with decisions on the farm.

A Swine Farm Solution-H2O, REMCO Engineering
Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis for farm effluent purification and water recycling on swine farms

Air Quality and Animal Agriculture, Iowa State University
List of research reports, ISU Extension publications, and links to current news

Animal Waste Management
Alabama's Waste Management site provides information and links to publications dealing with waste management

Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Management for Hog Producers in Alberta (manual)

Best Environmental Management Practices Series, Purdue University & Michigan State University

Building Good Neighbor Relationships
P. Wylie, Michigan State; D. Jones, Purdue
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
A. Sutton & D. Jones, Purdue; Gould, Michigan State
Disposal of Farm Medical Wastes
D. Groom, Michigan State; S. Amass, Purdue
Emergency Action Planning for Livestock Operations
D. Jones & A. Sutton, Purdue; C. Gould, Michigan State
Feeding Strategies to Lower Nitrogen & Phosphorus in Manure
A. Sutton, Purdue; D. Beede, Michigan State
Inspecting Your Confined Feeding Operation
D. Jones & A. Sutton, Purdue; L. Kelley, Michigan State
Land Application of Manure & Environmentally Sensitive Field Characteristics
J. Frankenberger & D. Jones, Purdue; C. Gould & L. Jacobs, Michigan
Land Application Records & Sampling
D. Jones & A. Sutton, Purdue; B. MacKellar, Michigan State
Manure Applicator Calibration
D. Ess & S. Hawkins, Purdue; C. Gould, L. Jacobs, Michigan State
Manure Nutrient Recycling
N. Rector, Michigan State; A. Sutton, Purdue
Mortality Management
C. Gould & D. Rozeboom, Michigan State; S. Hawkins, Purdue
Odor Control Options for Confined Feeding
A. Heber, Purdue, H. Person, Michigan State

Center for Agricultural Science & Technology (CAST), Iowa State University
Assembles, interprets, and communicates science-based information regionally, nationally, and internationally on food, fiber, agricultural, natural resource, and related societal and environmental issues to stakeholders--legislators, regulators, policy makers, the media, the private sector, and the public.

Composting Dead Swine, C. Fulhage & C. Ellis, University of Missouri-Columbia
Discusses several different ways of disposing with dead swine that will comply with safety laws

CSREES National Water Quality Program
Includes regional water quality programs; Extension education programs; integrated research, education and Extension programs; funding opportunities; national issues/themes; and funded programs

EEOhio, Center for Environmental Education in Ohio
Newly recreated website (10/02) that offers educational ideas for classroom and beyond, publications, events, links, projects information

Environmental & Manure Management, Banff Pork Seminar Proceedings, 2002

Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP)
Mission is to coordinate and deliver training and support services to advance education and environmental literacy in the United States. Contact Joe Heimlich

Environmental Issues for Pork Producers, Iowa State University
September 10, 2001 Meeting Handouts, W. Gieselman, DNR; A. Rieck-Hinz

Environmental Web Site, National Pork Board

Environment, Ontario Pork

EQUIP Program Details/App Assistance 2003: Ohio NRCS / Federal NRCS / OSU Fact Sheet

A partnership between government agencies and private business that enables you to prevent pollution on farms, ranches and in homes using confidential environmental assessments.

Farm Foundation: Environmental & Natural Resource Issues, Oak Brook, IL
Goal is to provide a clearinghouse for balanced and reliable information on the critical issues facing agriculture and rural America; includes publications, project summaries, publications, upcoming events, guidelines for program funding, conference announcements

Fly Control on Swine, Dr. Ralph Williams, Purdue Entomologist
Addresses control measures in and around hog facilities.

Livestock & Livestock Building Pest Management, Ohioline

Livestock & Poultry Environmental Stewardship (LPES) Curriculum
Project funded with a grant from the U.S. EPA and USDA. Developed by a team of land-grant university, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Agricultural Research Service (ARS) staff with assistance from MidWest Plan Service (MWPS) and guidance from the EPA's National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center (Ag Center).

Livestock & Poultry Publications, Purdue University of Entomology (pest control)

Managing Odors From Swine Waste, R. Nicolai, University of Minnesota
Examines the different areas of swine housing and how they can help manage odors

Manure Odors, K. Kephart & R. Mikesell, Penn State University

National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center, EPA
Offers comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about compliance -- commonsense, flexible approaches that are both environmentally protective and agriculturally sound.

National Water Information System, U.S. Geological Society
Provides access to water-resources data collected at approximately 1.5 million sites in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Odor Measurement
A tool developed at the University of Minnesota, "Odor From Feedlots Setback Estimation Tool" (OFFSET), provides a scientific method to predict odor impacts. (PorkNet Summary)

Odor Solutions Initiative, National Pork Board
The Odor Solutions Initiative (OSI) was originally funded in June, 1997 as the World Odor Prize. A supervising committee of producers and scientists, chaired by Illinois producer John Kellogg, has met 6-10 times per year to develop programs to provide factual information about immediate pork producer air quality regulatory issues.

NEMO is a non-regulatory, research-oriented educational program on natural resources based planning. It addresses Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution and its link to different land uses; particularly impervious surfaces, and transport and concentration of pollutants in stormwater. A program of Ohio State University Extension

Ohioline, Ohio State University

Pest Management Resources for Livestock, Cornell & Penn State Extension
A booklet on how to control different types of pests on sheep, goats, and swine

Rodent Control for Swine Operations, University of Nebraska
Provides solutions on how to control rodents that invade swine operations

Safe Pork-Pest Control
Suggestions of several different ways to control insects and other pests that can carry salmonella

Source Water Quality Protection
EPA has cooperated with other government agencies to propose the "Source Water Quality Protection Plan," an 8-year project whose purpose is to protect drinking water sources for more than 12 million people in Taiwan

2003 Swine Care Handbook, National Pork Board (PDF format)
Taking proper care of one’s animals has always been understood as an ethical responsibility, as well as a necessary business practice.

USDA NRCS: Animal Waste Management
The National Water and Climate Center has software, handbook and links to publications dealing with animal waste management

Water Quality, Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development

Water Quality Information Center, USDA National Ag Library

Watershed Management, OSU Extension, East District Office
Includes quarterly newsletter "Buckeye Basins"

Created to promote the sharing of information concerning water and the earth’s environment. Our organization seeks to create a global community, bringing together educational, governmental, nonprofit, & commercial entities interested in water research, conservation, and management.