Food Safety/HACCP

American Meat Institute

Antibiotic Use in Food-Animal Production, Food Systems Insider

Farm Foundation: Consumer Issues, Oak Brook, IL
Goal is to provide a clearinghouse for balanced and reliable information on the critical issues facing agriculture and rural America; includes publications, project summaries, publications, upcoming events, guidelines for program funding, conference announcements

Food & Drug Administration
The National Food and Drug Administration website that handles labeling and safety of products

Food Safety
The government food safety website that has news, activities for children, and other information on food safety

Food Safety, Iowa State University Extension
Provides insight to food safety lessons, common foodborne pathogens, and more.

Food Safety, Ontario Pork

Food Safety and Inspection Service, The, USDA
Includes latest news releases, frequently asked questions, national educational programs, kids section, Meat & Poultry Hotline (800/535-4555).

Food Safety Technologies, USDA

HACCP, U.S. FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

HACCP 14-Generic HACCP Model for Pork Slaughter
A booklet created in 1999 that addresses the details of the HACCP program for pork slaughter

Pork Slaughter HACCP Plan
A publication by Texas A&M on the HACCP plan that is used and their University
A resource website for the meat and poultry industry that deals with regulations and other important activities


Research Emphasis Food Safety, USDA ERS

Safe Pork
Links to websites that deal with farm to product pork food safety and quality assurance
Highlights of government food safety information from the farm to your table. Includes news and safety alerts, consumer advice, foodborne pathogens, and much more.