Genetics / Biotechnology

Dalland Value Added Pork Inc
Dalland Value Added Pork, a TOPIGS swine genetics company, pigs selected for premium meat quality and total economics.

Economic Impact of Genetic Improvement, A. Schinckel, Purdue University & G. Bennett, USDA-MARC, NSIF Fact Sheet
Addresses the effects of swine genetic improvement on the economy

ImmGen Inc
Genetics lab providing blood and DNA typing services to the animal industry

Is it Time to Look at Changes in Swine Genetics? Dr. Temple Grandin, Colorado State University

Managing Herd Boars, W. Luce, Oklahoma State Extension
An article that explains the key points and procedure for choosing a herd boar and caring for it

Maternal Line Symposium, April 19-20, 2000
PowerPoint presentations of the program, results, and economic analysis

National Animal Germplasm Program
The mission of this USDA Agricultural Research Service program is to coordinate the availability, conservation and utilization of animal and aquatic genetic resources in order to provide optimum access to desirable genes and gene complexes that will contribute to the future food and fiber supply. For database of swine breeds & contacts go to

National Swine Registry
The NSR's services include litter registrations, performance pedigrees, breed promotion, and marketing assistance

New Breeding Technologies, Banff Pork Seminar Proceedings, 2002

Ontario Swine Improvement Inc
Mission Statement: To develop and deliver programs products and expertise to achieve excellence in the global pork industry

Purchasing a Herd Boar For Commercial Swine Production, R. Bates, University of Missouri-Columbia
Outlines and discusses the steps to choosing the right herd boar for a commercial farm

Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System
Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System, National Swine Registry, and the latest across-herd EPDs for all breeds

Selection and Genetics, Illini Porknet

Swine Genetics Handbook - NSIF
Topics range from economic impact of genetic improvement through inbreeding, multiple trait selection and crossbreeding systems.


Animal Biotechnology, Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS)

Biotech in the Barnyard: Implications of Genetically Engineered Animals
September 2002 Conference presentations

Biotechnology Industry Organization
The members of BIO apply biological knowledge and techniques to develop products and services for use in health care, agriculture, environmental remediation and other fields.

Farm Foundation: New Technologies, Oak Brook, IL
Goal is to provide a clearinghouse for balanced and reliable information on the critical issues facing agriculture and rural America; includes publications, project summaries, publications, upcoming events, guidelines for program funding, conference announcements

National Agricultural Biotechnology Council
Hosts annual public meetings about the safe, ethical, and efficacious development of agricultural biotechnology products since its formation by the Boyce Thompson Institute in collaboration with Cornell University, Iowa State University, and the University of California-Davis in 1988.

PEW Initiative on Food & Biotechnology
News and information on agricultural biotechnology and genetically modified food for the public, media and policymakers

Commercial Genetic Suppliers

Agricultural Contract & Marketing Company, Ltd., United Kingdom
Applied pig genetic programmes; specialises in international pig breeding and genetic development
Breeder's World
Serves the marketing needs of livestock breeders and agribusinesses
Cotswold (USA) (under construction)
Innovative in swine breeding and genetics while continuing to deliver cost-efficient production of high-quality pork.
Danbred North America
With its expansion into Canada, Danbred USA has changed its name to Danbred North America. Danish seedstock in America.
Maintains a large number of quality commercial boars for "on demand" semen sales.
Isler Genetics
Quality seedstock around the world: Duroc, Hamp,York, Landrace, Crossbreeds.
Lean Value Sires
Full service supplier of semen from over 100 of the nation's best show pig and commercial sires.
Lone Willow
Provides quality swine genetics through semen and live boars and gilts.
Mulit-Gene USA
Source of DRU Terminal Sires in North America. Direct from France
Newsham Hybrids (USA)
Ontario Swine Improvement, Inc.
PIC, Global market leader for improved pig breeding stock
Prairie State Semen Supply - Full service commercial boar stud
Swine Breeders Directory
A list of hog producers, show pig breeders, & hog semen suppliers
Thames Bend Farms Ltd.
A family farm operation dedicated to developing swine animal excellence.
The Zierke Company
Provides seedstock in all major breeds, including Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire.
Sources of Swine Semen, Penn State University listing

Show Pig Genetic Suppliers

Breeders at
AI boars and the farms that sell semen of show pig sires
Swine Breeders Directory
A list of hog producers, show pig breeders, & hog semen suppliers
Swine Genetics International, Ltd
Offers world-wide genetics through liquid and frozen semen