Manure Management

2008 On-Farm Research Reports - Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat with manure as a fertilizer source.

Animal Manure Management Monthly Newsletter, CSREES Heartland Regional Water Quality Coordination Initiative (Iowa State, Kansas State, University of Nebraska)

Effectiveness of Three Manure Pit Additives, Prairie Swine Centre, June 2003

Fertilizing Cropland With Swine Manure, M. Schmitt, G. Rehm, U of Minnesota
Guidelines on how to properly apply swine manure to farmland so that it may be used to the fullest extent

Livestock Operations Face Greater Restrictions, Ag Outlook/April 2002, USDA ERS

Manure Management, Purdue University
Links to fact sheets and publications about different types of manure systems and ways to control manure

Mastering the Matrix and Other Manure Matters, Iowa State University
November 6, 2002 Meeting Handouts, M. Duffy, J. Lawrence, J. Korslund, DNR

Nutrient Management Planning with Animal Feeding Operations Handbook, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, Auburn University

Odor from Feedlots Setback Estimation Tool (OFFSET), University of Minnesota

Ohio Composting & Manure Management Program (OCAMM), OSU

Ohio Livestock Manure and Wastewater Management Guide-Swine, OSU
Information on manure systems, manure handling, economic effects, and other topics pertaining to manure management

Ohio Manure Management Fact Sheets, OSU

Proposed Requirements for Manure Nutient Management: Potential Sector Impacts, Ag Outlook, April/2002, USDA ERS

Swine Care Handbook, National Pork Board (PDF format)
Taking proper care of one’s animals has always been understood as an ethical responsibility, as well as a necessary business practice.

Swine Manure Management Systems, University of Nebraska
NebGuide examines the advantages and disadvantages of various types of swine manure management systems