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Unbiased information and evaluation of the pricing performance, risk and marketing style of Agricultural Market Advisory Services.

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
To provide independent producers and processors with critical information needed to build successful value added agricultural enterprises. Partial support from the USDA Rural Business Cooperative Service

Ag Resource Marketing Center
The Iowa State University Center for Ag/Rural Development and the ISU Value Added Ag Extension, Kansas State University Ag Economics, Oklahoma State University Food & Ag Products Center, & the University of California Ag Issues Center have teamed up to support a new website to serve as a source for value added agriculture information.

AgriBiz & Associates
Multi-faceted resource for markets and analysis

Comparing Swine Niche Marketing Opportunities, Iowa State University
August 20, 2001 Meeting Handouts, M. Storlie, T. Baas, L. McMullen

PRIMER, T. Woods & S. Isaacs, University of Kentucky Extension
Discussion of the PRIMER (Profitability, Resource, Information, Marketing, Enthusiasm, and Risk) method of evaluating new enterprises; worksheets included

Producer Attitudes About Contracting & New Generation Cooperatives
Market Hogs in Ohio, IN, & MI, Brian Roe, OSU

Rocky Mountain Pork

Specialized Pigs for Specialized Markets, Banff Pork Seminar Proceedings, 2002

Whole Hog provides the platform for downloading Whole Hog, the electronic newsletter that provides market news and views on the world’s pig industry. Find everyone you need to know in the global pig industry - it's your address book and your industry diary

Your Checkoff Investment at Work for You . . . Building Export Demand, John Cravens, National Pork Board, Professional Pork Producers Symposium, February 6, 2003, Dayton, OH