Meat Science

American Meat Science Association
A nonprofit scientific society with members working in meat production, processing and safety in industry, academia and government

Animal Handling and Meat Quality Concerns in Modern Swine Production, Mike Townsley, Premium Standard Farms, Professional Pork Producers Symposium, February 6, 2003, Dayton, OH

Carcass (Pork) Evaluation, Illini Porknet
Access to a variety of papers on the subject

Food Product Innovation Program, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Meat Science: Elsewhere, J. Savell, Texas A&M University
Some links to associations, government agencies, universities, and areas that have something to do with the broad area of meat science

Meat Science Program, Ohio State University

Meat Science Technical Topics: Freezing & Thawing Meat, B. Covington, Texas A&M University
A publication addressing the proper freezing and thawing of meat

Pork Quality, Banff Pork Seminar Proceedings, 2002


Pork Quality Fact Sheets, National Pork Board

Pre-harvest Pork Safety Fact Sheets, National Pork Board

Packing Industry

For links to a listing of U.S. meat packers and processors, go to
for the Successful Farming listing.