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4-H Youth Development and 4-H Animal Sciences, OSU

4-H Market Swine Project, Penn State University
4-H Swine Camp June 13-15, Michigan State University Extension
4-H Swine Production Manual
4-H Virtual Farm

Ag-Discovery Pilot Outreach Program, USDA APHIS

Ag Youth Magazine
Basic Animal Body Structure

Care for Animals
Colorado Foundation for Agriculture (for parents and educators)
Dr. Sue's Pig Fun Pages
Ear Notching
Education Corner, Animal Agriculture Alliance (for educators)
ENC, Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
A K-12 math & science teacher center with access to lessons and activities, a classroom calendar with problems for the week, and digital dozen (you have to come check to know)


Environmental Education in Ohio (EEOhio)

Early Childhood Environmental Education
K-12 Education
Higher Education
Links for Teachers
Links for Kids
Beyond the Classroom

Enjoy the Animals but Don't Get Sick, Penn State Extension Resource Circular
Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
Food Safety Mobile, USDA Education Program/Bus Tour
Getting Started - Youth PQA
Goldrush Swine Camp, Shaffer Superior Genetics, Inc.
Scroll to the middle of the page to find how to enter a camp T-shirt design, win a $500 scholarship, see highlights of the 2003 camp, or participate in the 2004 camp.

Junior Pork Day - A Family Experience at Purdue
Just Do The Right Thing, Animal Agriculture
Kids in the House, U.S. House Committee on Agriculture
Kid's Stuff, Novia Scotia Pork
Kidszone, U.S. Department of Energy

Leader's Guide to 4-H Swine Projects

Learning Resources, Ohio Farm Bureau (including link to Ag in the Classroom)

Microbiology for Middle School Students, American Society for Microbiology
Click here for Spanish version

Microbiology for Teens and Adults, American Society for Microbiology

MQ&P (Muscle Quality & Performance Barrow Show), Ohio State Fair
2003 rules and regulations / 2002 Barrow Show Information

NASS for Kids, National Agricultural Statistics Service - Agriculture & Math Fun
North Carolina State University 4-H Youth Livestock

Ohio 4-H
Ohio FFA
Ohio Fairs: Animal Health Requirements / Livestock Tampering Exhibition Rules, April 2003

Parent to Parent (P2P), University of Illinois Extension
An online resource that supports parents coping with the challenges of raising children and building a family. Using streaming videos, messageboards, and selected resources, users can see how other parents cope with the challenges childrearing, share problems and solutions, and get research-based advice.

Partnership for Food Safety Education, USDA
PigVision, Does the pig see the world as we see it?

Pork4Kids, National Pork Board
Pork4Kids Classroom for Teachers, National Pork Board
Pork4Kids for Parents, National Pork Board

Pork, The Major Cuts, University of Nebraska
Pork for Kids and Teachers, Alberta Pork, Canada
Pork Quality Assurance, Purdue University
Pork Racing, National Pork Board

Salmon Creek Farms Youth Page
Showmanship Tips for Your Swine Project, D. Frobose, March 5, 2003 JR (by youth, for youth)

Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick, K. Knebusch, OSU
A weekly science column for kids. Once you click on the title you want, before you read, be sure to click in the gold box to see the PDF file with Twig's picture

Swine Information (Sounds pigs make, cost of raising, etc)

Swine Youth Challenge, Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, OH (4-H & FFA)
February 7, 2003

Teen Science Classes Serve Up Lessons in Food Safety, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (includes educator application information)

The Joy of Pigs

The Pig

University of Minnesota Extension Service, Educators

U.S. Two-Year Colleges

USDA for Kids
Includes links to 4-H in the USA, Ag for Kids, Backyard Conservation, Facts about Agriculture, Food Guide Pyramid, History of Agriculture, Natural Inquirer, Science for Kids, Smokey the Bear, photos, and much, much more

What Can I Tell My Children About War?
This link takes you to a page of resources for families and educators

Worldwide Holiday & Festival Site

YouthRules, U.S. Department of Labor
An initiative designed to bring teens, parents, educators and employers together to ensure young workers have safe and rewarding work experiences.

Youth Web Sites for Swine, Purdue