Who We Are

This page will help you identify and/or contact key educators, Land Grant University Animal Science Departments, Pork Industry Centers, and Extension resources, national industry and scientific leadership resources, as well as Ohio and U.S. government offices, elected officials, and legislative actions affecting the Ohio pork industry. 


Dr. Steve Moeller, State Swine Extension Specialist
Dale Ricker, Program Specialist, Swine

Contact Us

Phone 614/688-3686 to reach Steve (fax 614/292-3513)
Phone 419/523-6294 to reach Dale (fax 419/523-3192)

U.S. Pork Center of Excellence

Pork Information Gateway: porkgateway.org/web/producer/home

OSU Resource Advisors

Gary Bowman, DVM, OSU Veterinary Preventive Medicine
Dr. Keith Irvin, OSU, Animal Sciences
Dr. Lynn Knipe, OSU Meat Science
Jon Rausch, OSU Ag Engineering
Dr. Brian Roe, OSU Ag Economics
Dr. Henry Zerby, OSU Meat Science
Dr. Lingying Zhao, OSU Ag Engineering