National Offices and Scientific Organizations

AAEA (American Agriculture Economists Association)
AASV (American Association of Swine Veterinarians)
AAVMC (Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges)
AAW (American Agri-Women)
AERE (Association of Environment & Resource Economists)
AFB (American Farm Bureau)
AFIA (American Feed Industry Association)
AHI (Animal Health Institute)
AMSA (American Meat Science Association)
APC (Australian Pork Corporation)
ASA (American Soybean Association)
ASAE (American Association of Agricultural Engineers)
ASAS (American Society of Animal Science)
CanSwine (Canadian Swine Breeders Association)
CAST (Council for Agricultural Science & Technology)
CSSA (Crop Science Society of America)
FASS (Federation of Animal Scientific Societies)
FI (The Food Institute)
GEAPS (Grain Elevator and Processing Society)
George Morris Centre, Canada
LMIC (Livestock Marketing Information Center)
NAAB (National Association of Animal Breeders)
NACAA (National Association of County Agricultural Agents)
NAMA (National Agri-Marketing Association)
NCGA (National Corn Growers Association)
NFO (National Farmers Organization)
NGFA (National Grain & Feed Association)
NIAA (National Institute for Animal Agriculture)
NPB (National Pork Board)
NPPC (National Pork Producers Council)
NSIF (National Swine Improvement Federation)
NSR (National Swine Registry)
OABA (Ohio AgriBusiness Association)
OAMP (Ohio Association of Meat Processors)
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, & Rural Affairs
Ontario Pork Producers
Ontario Swine Improvement Inc.
USB (United Soybean Board)
U.S. Feed Grains Council
WIA (Women in Agriculture)