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Meat Science

Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center

Plant Pathology / Field Crop Diseases

School of Natural Resources

Veterinary Preventive Medicine

4-H Youth Development
4-H Animal Sciences

Agricultural Issues Teams/Sites

Agronomic Crops Team
Greg LaBarge (419/337-9210)

Beef Cattle Team
Steve Boyles (614/292-7669) or
Francis Fluharty (330/263-3904)

Dairy Task Force
Maurice Eastridge (614/688-3059)

Exurban Change Project
Analysis of the population and land use changes cross the rural-urban continuum in Ohio and the Midwest. Identifies social, economic, and environmental implications for exurban and rural communities.
Jeff Sharp (614/292-9410)
Elena Irwin (614/292-6449)

Floriculture Online
Claudio Pasian (614/292-9441)
Charles Behnke (440/326-6813)

Forage Management Team
Clif Little (740/432-9300)
Mark Sulc (614/292-9084)

Fruit Team
Richard Funt (614/292-8327)
Ted Gastier (419/668-8219)

Management Excel Teams

Marketing Team/Ohio Co-op Development Center
John Ellerman (750/389-2071)

Nursery/Landscape/Turf Team
Jim Chatfield (330/263-3831)

Ohio Watershed Network
Joe Bonnell (614/292-9383)

Poultry Team
Mo Saif (330/263-3743)

Precision Agriculture Team
Nathan Watermeier (614/688-3442)
Reza Ehsani (614/292-2540)

Sheep Team
Roger High (614/292-0589)

Sustainable Agriculture Team
Mike Hogan (330/627-4310)
Dennis Baker (937/548-5215)

Vegetable Crops Team
Mary Donnell (419/354-6916)
Bob Precheur (61`4/292-3857)

Waste Resource Management Team
Randy James (440/834-4656)

Woodland Stewards Team
Kathy Smith (614/688-1136)